Sunday, 20 March 2016

Just remembered its 4 years!

Well it is actually more than 4 years and all is going well. 
There has been a program on TV recently following people with cancer. It is all a bit surreal, just as if it had never happened to me however certain scenes during the program give me flashbacks to my own experience, whether it is the effects of the chemo, the breaking of the news or the humor that a minority of patients have throughout the ordeal. One particular scene where a man stated that he and his wife endured the illness together triggered a demon to come back out of the woodwork from our past experience where I was accused of tackling the illness alone and not wanting the support form Susan or anyone else for that matter. A Selfish act on my part! Apparently! And I can understand that point of view but that's just me!

My most recent visit to the Northern General Hospital on the 3rd of April went well with the Nurse led clinic. A quick feel around my stomach suggested that all was well. It would still be good to get a CT Scan just for peace of mind but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. Provided nothing develops then I will be discharged next March. Side effect wise - I still have a certain amount of neuropathy in my fingers and feet and occasionally have issues with urgency for the loo however provided I'm active and eating well it is not a problem. Beer is the irresistible bad boy but I'm prepared to suffer the consequences the following day. 

So what has happened since my last post? Well I have been very active!
  • I've Kayaked the River Wye which involved paddling 30 miles a day over 3 days and camping.

  • I was made Vice President of the Fell and Rock Climbing Club, an honour that I could not refuse for such a prestigious club.

  • I joined the Bassetlaw Triathlon Club - a superb bunch of motivated individuals who are now good friends

  • I've competed in the Clumber Park Duathlon in March

  • Cycled the Tommy Simpson Memorial ride over 80 miles

  • Rode 100 miles in the Amstel Standing Cycle Sportive around Nottighamshire

I Competed in the Nottingham Sprint triathlon on the 28th May 2016

And I've done some climbing

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