Wednesday, 5 August 2015

What's going on?

More than 3 years on and can we assume everything is OK? Makes you wonder sometimes since I'm currently at a stage of doubt. I've recently had 3 bouts of sickness in the evening about 3 weeks apart accompanied by severe upper abdominal pain, the last one being Monday night which was so intense that Sue demanded that we go to A&E. There I get morphine, blood tests , XRays and then vomit a huge amount. I'm in a cubical next to old ladies, drunks and an overdose victim. Gradually the pain eases and I'm told it is Gastritis. Great I'm OK then! We got home at about 04.30. I'm already wiped out after an unforgettable weekend without much sleep so I'm totally beat. Is there something sinister going on here with my liver? Mmm unsure! My next visit to NGH for a clinic is in October, I'll have wait until then. Meanwhile I will take the rest of the week off to rest up. I could do with it brightening up. Where's that little miss sunshine gone?