Saturday, 13 September 2014

September Follow Up

It has been a fairly benign few months on the health front concerning the cancer and related treatment. I found it hard to sum that sentence up because someone in my situation could assume that once the op was done (well the second one!!) the cancer was gone or was it? Did the chemo sort it?Or do I still have it? Well we just don't know but after this length time the chances are that hopefully it is gone. It is not something that I think about too much unless I get some unidentified niggle like I had four weeks ago when I had a prolonged spell of back pain which developed after a run and migrated into my right side - It has gone now, after several days of exercising but the doubt is always there which must be typical of everyone at my point in the journey.
So as I mentioned I'm still running, doing some runs of up to 12km and I even ran the Sherwood Pines 10k, mid back-back! I came in 217th out of 450. I've also been Climbing, Kayaking and today tried to see what a Sprint Duathlon would feel like by cycling 27km and running 5km.
Sherwood Pines 10k
Climbing with Anne at Birchin Edge

Kayaking with Dave Wright on the River Idle
Wednesday I was at  NGH for a nurse led clinic. My CEA levels (tumor markers) had been reading well within the "Normal" range on each visit so I had one question which depending on the answer would give a certain amount of confidence in assessing my long term prognosis.  Noting that some people are 'Non Secreters' where their cancer does not secrete the marker, My question was "What was my pre op CEA level?" If I was a Secreter then my level would be high pre op, which would then drop after the operation if the cancer had gone. "We don't have a record for a pre op level!!" So my CEA my mean something or absolutely nothing since we don't know whether I'm a Secreter or not!!
I suppose it sums up the whole ordeal, I did have blood tests at Thornbury for diagnosis but obviously none of the notes got transferred!
So it is another scan in March and then maybe discharged into the care of our local Health Center.

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