Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Two Years On and Going Soft

I have just had a date for my two years post diagnosis scan which is on the 3rd of March, two years and a day since my initial exploratory colonoscopy. I have been feeling a little rough lately with recurring colds and various unusual (unusual for me!) abdominal aches and pains which always creates some doubt as to where I am on my journey. With the lighter nights and mornings I'm now feeling much better, more alive, mentally happier and content. I just love the fresh air, walking to and from work. Maybe I'm going soft because I used to love winter climbing, the danger and the adventure but I'm already looking for the warmth, not scorching hot but just bright sunshine on my face with a cool breeze. We recently visited Hadrian's Wall and an awe-inspiring Angel Of The North. I'm now weaving Corn Dollies ready for visits to bronze Age sites in the hope of "Good Karma" Am I dancing yet? No!!! I've not totally lost the plot!