Monday, 20 January 2014

11 months post Bob

Hello - I haven't posted for a while and It's been  11 months to the day since Bob my stoma was reconnected to the main pipework. So the question is that after 11 months how are things going? Things have got better however progress has been slow and hardly noticeable until I think back to how it was straight after the reversal. So I'm down to just one Fybogel per day which I take in the morning just after breakfast and this seems to stabilise my my loo visits. . The other thing that has got better is that I'm regaining some of the feeling in my fingertips (Peripheral Neuropathy) has made some improvement in the last couple of months which is brilliant news and totally unexpected since much of my internet searching suggested that the nerve damage from the Oxaliplatin would not improve after about nine months post chemo.  Other than that I'm on a low dose aspirin just because I know it will do more harm than good for lots of things.
I had a blood test in December and I'm due for a CT Scan in March but I don't have a date yet. Fitness wise I ran a 10k race in Sherwood Forrest in December and since then I have been plagued with a torn calf muscle, shingles on my face and head and a chest infection but I'm now back in training for whatever takes my fancy.The name of the game is just to stay fit