Monday, 28 October 2013

Worksop Half Marathon

Its Over
The Big Day came for the Worksop Half Marathon, everything that I had been training for over the past few months comes down to the next 2 hours of effort. My niece, Emily was on the night shift patrolling the streets with Notts Police so was unable to make it so I was on my own. How was I feeling? Well it felt like my cold was almost gone which is surprising after only a week, so it must have been the advice from my On-Line Coach to take Vitamin C and Zinc that shortened the duration but it had cost me valuable training time. I clock a warning on the race instructions, hoping that Sue does not see  it but she does - It says "If you have had a cold or virus in the last 4 weeks it is not advisable to run", "Yes but that is for everyone else, Not me!"
On the day I'm feeling reasonable and when we set off we are all running too fast, it happens, it's the adrenaline and the event. 4 miles in and I'm Ok but know I'm not over my cold, I'm sweating far too much and my legs are like lead weights. Six miles in and the sponge stop is welcome to cool me down. By the nine mile marker I'm beat, not out of breath but legs so tired that I have to walk a short while, which is something that I have NEVER done! At Manton Lodge Nigel and Rachel Jackson are there to cheer me on and raise my spirits (thanks guys) The next three miles are hell with loads of people passing me. 12 miles and its all down hill, and I make some ground but I have lost so much time. As we run down the the finish there is so much support, lots of people that I know, all cheering and the all important sprint finish is there. Sue and Graham are both there to greet me, and I have to say that I'm beat. The last hour was one of the hardest hours of my life but it is over. The time was disappointing with 2.06 being recorded but on the day but I could not have done any better.Up to now I think that I have raised around £900 for Macmillan Cancer support so it has got to have been worth it! Most importantly the event and the training towards it means that it is a major landmark in my physical and mental recovery, many would say that I'm still not of sound mind.
Get In
Back home we have a snack and I'm off  to bed - I'm just so tired in both body and mind, but sleep peacefully and content
We met some people dining in the Parish Oven a few nights ago and they said that Sue and I reminded them of someone they knew to which Sue replied "No that's not possible, there is no one else on the planet like Dale" I will take that as a compliment but I knew what she really meant - "He's a Nutter"
So is this the end of my running - I don't think so, not yet anyway.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Give Me a Break Please!

We have just had a week away in Majorca where I was proud to unveil my stoma free belly and go for my first swim in a couple of years and not that there was much competition for beach bodies at our hotel. Whilst there I also ditched my morning Fybogel, managing reasonably well without and still continuing to do so.
Back home and with just a week to go to the Worksop Half Marathon I came down with a cold (probably caught on the journey home) the first cold in over 2 years. It started on Saturday when I felt the scratchy throat during my run and by Sunday I was as weak as a kitten with a raging temperature but I was still out in the Peak District giving a Walking Group Leader refresher course from which I promptly went straight to bed as soon as I got home. Went straight to bed? It must be Man Flu!! So why now? Months of hard work, training towards this one goal and another curve ball is thrown my way.I can only assume that I'm still being tested in some way but some divinity.
So will I make it to the event? Well after much trawling the internet for advise the consensus of opinion suggests that "If its in the head Go Ahead and If in the Chest then give it a Rest". It hasn't gone to my chest yet and I have 5 days to go so I have time to recover although I doubt fully. When Sunday comes you can be sure that I will be at the start line - it may take a while longer than planned though to cross the finish line.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Walking Group Leader Refresher

I had a day on Kinder Scout today with Chris who was a teacher from Chesterfield. The aim was to brush up on skills prior to his assessment the following weekend. Anyway we started up Blackden Brook navigating to various features using timings, pacing, contours and tick off points. Typically returning from a Mediterranean holiday I have a cold just starting and I'm burning up with a raging fever but this is important so we will carry on. Bits of geology and flora were thrown in to the refresher before reaching the summit plateau. More micro nav took us to Madwoman's Stones followed by more tricky targets during the decent back down to the brook. I think we achieved the goal. Back home I'm showered and straight to bed. This cold is bad news for my Half Marathon in a weeks time.
Chris sent me a text to say that he had taken all of my advice on board and had passed his WGL assessment with the assessor commenting that he was the strongest candidate on the course. Well Done Chris!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Nurse Led Clinic No1

"Hello Mr Bloomer, we are the team that will be looking after you from now on"
"Hello - I'm sure we will get on well provided you don't want to push anything up my arse"
So that was the introductions over and now down to business. Endless questions from them prompted positive replies with no problems from my side with the exception on my sleep pattern. Nothing to be done there then! A feel of my now nice flat tummy (it's all that training!) followed by a blood test.
"Everything looks good so we will see you in December then"
"That's it!!?"
Knackered after my big run
Obviously sleep is the main issue at the moment but I'm beginning to wonder if it is because I have had enough after 4 or 5 hours. I'm not particularly tired during the day but whacked at 10 in the evening, then I'm up at 4 am writing this blog. Yep I'm mad, the chemo has done something to my brain cells.
So how is the training going for the Half marathon? - In a word GOOD. Yesterday afternoon I managed to knock out a 13 miler, averaging 8.36 minute miles, OK I'm a little achy in my groin but otherwise I'm good however I was ready to stop and couldn't have done much more on the day. I suppose that I'm taking the run today lightly but it is another milestone and the longest run that I have done for about 6 years.
Back to bed now as I'm walking Derwent Edge from Bradfield tomorrow (sorry I mean today!!) with Graham and Andy (oh and Bailey Bear the Labradoodle)

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Just Giving for MacMillan Cancer Support

Its 03.30 in the morning and as usual I'm having trouble sleeping through the night, so rather than just laying there scratching all my bits and bobs (oh yes Bobs not there anymore is he?) I may as well get up and make a brew and catch up on my blog. I have a nurse led clinic this afternoon at the NGHN just to check me over and work is manic which is probably the reason behind some of my insomnia. I have been working hard away from work too running every other day between 4 and 12 miles. My knee problem seems to have settled down so now that my training is going to plan for running the Worksop Half Marathon I've decided to try and use the event as a fundraiser for MacMillan Cancer Support.
Anyone who want to support me can by visiting my Just Giving site