Saturday, 21 September 2013

I'm Lost Without a Goal

First of all in order to maintain the theme of my Blog and keep anyone who is vaguely interested up to speed on how I'm doing then I can report that I'm feeling great. My loo habits have settled down to almost normal and I'm only taking 1 Fybogel in a morning along with a low dose Aspirin and a Turmeric tablet. Aspirin because of its ability to protect from strokes and heart attacks, plus new research seems to suggest that it helps stop cancer cells spreading to other organs and I' also taking Turmeric because it is supposed to be a very powerful natural anti inflammatory. The other bit of good news is that the lump that I thought was a hernia has now gone but the stretch on my scar is getting wider - so much for the perfect beach body when I strip off by the pool in Majorca then!!! I had a company medical last week and although the nurse performing it didn't seem to have a clue I came out with a lung age of 38, a resting pulse rate of 51 and borderline high blood pressure which is unsurprising considering I'm at work and in a stressful job. All in all I'm in decent shape, surprisingly good according to the nurse! Although I'm spending lots of time at work, more than usual, I'm still getting out walking at weekends and running 4 or 5 times a week in preparation for the Worksop Half Marathon although I have had a minor set back with a knee injury and I still wake at 02,00 every night but I'm managing to drift back off after half an hour or so. I suppose it is fair to say that I'm more focused now than I have ever been or is that driven?