Thursday, 22 August 2013

What am I trying to Prove?

Had  a letter from my surgeon a couple of weeks ago - Blood test Completely Normal 0.9 therefore you will be referred to the nurse led clinic.
Last October I watched my niece Emily run in the Worksop Half Marathon which is a race that I have run twice before. I promised myself then that if everything went well that I would run it this year with her.
So now I'm in training! I won't say that it has been easy however I have been power-walking to work and back for at least a couple of months so when it came to my first run 4 weeks ago I stepped out of the door for a short jog and surprisingly carried on running and eventually managed a 5 miler. It just goes to show the power of walking! The following 2 weeks I carried on with the same 5 mile circuit along the Chesterfield Canal until I was comfortable enough to push the mileage up 1 mile per week. So I'm now up to seven miles and will be pushing for 8 this weekend which takes me to the Norwood Tunnel portal near Kiveton Park Station and back to Shireoaks. I also need to get that half marathon entry in to make it official!
Sue keeps asking me the question "What are you trying to Prove"? Well I suppose it is a couple of things.

  •  Firstly it means that I'm back feeling fit and as well as I can be for my age of 38! for those that don't know me I'm actually 54. 
  • Secondly it's a bit of throwing down the gauntlet to others who are younger and who haven't been what I have been through to say "well if I can do it then so can you" 
  • Thirdly  it is a message for people who have stage 3 colorectal cancer that you can come out of the other side almost as good as new!
I say almost as good as new because I still occasionally have a few minor issues with frequent visits to the loo and it looks like some of the numbness in my feet and partial loss of sensation in my fingertips will be permanent. A small price to pay is what I say!
So I'm now waiting to meet those lovely nurses at the Northern General Hospital for my first nurse led clinic