Monday, 15 July 2013

Ehhhh - Looking Good

I had an appointment at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield this morning to see my surgeon. It was nice and early 08.40 so to miss the M1 rush hour traffic it was an early start of 07.15 for the 13 mile journey. The usual standing traffic did occur plus that feeling of being in the wrong lane when cars are moving on either side, anyway I eventually got there with 30 minutes to spare but was called into the corridor outside the consulting room almost immediately and just when I had found a national Geographic that I hadn't read! When my turn came to go in it was nice to see the face of my consultant rather than one of the Registrars  however we were not strangers and he hadn't forgotten me. How Could He? I'm the one that gave him the thinning and now slightly grey hair. Whilst looking through my file he noted that all was going very well, that my Colonoscopy was normal (which I already knew) and the best thing of all was that my CAE (Carcinoembryonic antigen)Tumor Markers had actually gone DOWN from 1.9 down to 1.1 - Normal he said was anything below 5 but 1 was very good! So brill news!!!
When he asked if there were any other problem I told him of my lump around where Bob, my Stoma used to be, which I thought was a small hernia. After examining the area he seemed to think it was a stitch and maybe a very small hernia but nothing to worry about.
"I can fix it for you want" he said
"Well what do you think? - Look People trust me in my job and I trust you in yours" I replied,
"I'd leave it and see how it goes"
"OK that's what we will do then. It isn't really causing any major problems, just a little sore now and again." Anyway he said that if it caused further problems then I could get it fixed quickly if I mentioned it at one of my nurse led clinics. So that's it but before leaving the hospital it was another blood test.
I'm supposed to sign off with a POSITIVE after lots of negatives which has caught me off guard this time - Where are the negatives?? - Arghhh it's the reverse BACK TO WORK!!