Thursday, 30 May 2013

Being violated Again!!!

I'm just preparing to go to the Halamshire Hospital for a follow up colonoscopy.
Last night I took 2 sachets of Kleen Prep each mixed with 1 litre of  water and taken over 2 hours. I knew what would follow so I was prepared with my netbook and the iPlayer placed on the cabinet besides the loo.
I'm busy at work so went in for 2 hours this morning to gather data and copy files so that I could work from home whilst I took the next 2 sachets with another 2 litres of water. Anyway now that I've showered I'm clean on both the outside and inside but also pretty hungry since I have not eaten for 25 hours.
So will my arse be any hairyer and just like last time will I be in agony as I get blown up like a balloon?
I will update later.
OK I'm back home and feeling a little uncomfortable but nothing major. I was promptly dealt with as soon as I arrived and noting that I have the blood pressure of a sixteen year old I was soon on my side with my knees up. I did ask them to be very careful and gentle with me prior to insertion, explaining that I certainly didn't like having my arse tampered with by anyone and I mean anyone! I really don't think the consultant took any notice cos there was a really sharp pain which really startled me and had me gasping on the Entonox. Was it because there was not enough lube or what? I didn't see much on the monitor so I'm not sure if I can live up to the name of Hairy Arsed Climber  - well I'm NOT a climber that's for sure! As the scope got further in it felt like the alien of the film Alien was about to burst out of my chest. By the time I got to view the monitor it was almost all over. I guess it had taken less than 5 minutes compared to the 45 minutes or more the first time around
The result was that everything appeared normal however the pain I suffered was as the scope past the anastomosis (joins in my colon from the op last year) So it looks like everything is going OK for now.
The nurse did warn me that I would probably fart like a trooper but in the recovery room I never did and have not since -
Well what would really cheer me up after that violation? I know - a visit to Meadowhall (thank goodness I wasn't farting) enroute home  and then get stuck in traffic for 30 minutes on the exit slip road!
Never mind it 's the quiz night tonight, I hope they don't forget to pick me up!