Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tip - Don't Miss your Fybogel

Yes that is the lesson that I have learned because I suffer if I miss this added medicinal fiber.
The reason is clear looser motions DO give me clusters especially in a morning but that also makes sense since the Fybogel that I have accidentally missed are prior to the evening meal. So my dose is one sachet in the morning with breakfast and the second at teatime / evening meal.
Otherwise it is going reasonably well - I'm managing to do most of the business in the morning before and after showering which gives me a trouble free day and I'm trying to keep away from foods that give me wind. If I'm out for the day I take just one Loperomide.
Exercise wise I'm walking to work most days - 2.5 mikes there and walk back a longer way via the canal which is about 3.5 miles, plus I'm getting out walking or climbing the odd weekend which can be seen on my other blog.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Please Don't Mess With Me! Please!

Had a consultation yesterday at the Royal Hallamshire. The Registrar checked out my wound and noted that it looked good "And so it should do. Took the staples out myself after brushing up on the technique on Youtube" I said. "You're joking aren't you? You're NOT are you? - Well that's all we do" he replied, laughing.
"We usually do a Colonoscopy at this stage but your Gastrofin looked good so I'm not sure whether we need to do one, or would you like to do your own?"
"Rather you didn't unless it is absolutely necessary"
"Right just a blood test then we will book you in for that Colonoscopy" - Bollocks.
So that's where we are - awaiting another violation of my arse! can't wait!!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Six weeks on

It has been six weeks since I had my reversal and I've been back at work for over a week. My wound has now healed nicely and the skin around it has stopped itching and feels like normal apart from the hollow where Bob used to be.
Exercise wise I have been out winter climbing 3 times which can be seen on my other blog as well as a couple of runs and lots of walking.
Diet - I'm following my plan by taking Fybogel in the morning and again with my early evening meal, plus the prune juice in a morning followed by porridge and a hot drink and with the exception of a couple of mornings I have been getting most the business done before I go to work plus minor motions when I get back home so it's all going nicely. If I'm out for the day and away from loos I have been taking 2 Loperomides which has also worked a treat.
The cluster have almost gone and I will put that down to thickening things up and slowing the food transit by using the Fybogel. I have also found that foods that cause wind also give me cluster motions with nothing to show for them, the most notable food for this of late has been Dates, which I love but I'm keeping away from them in future.
I'm still not back to normal (if I ever will) but it is not controlling or dominating my life. Hopefully there is more improvement to come
I have an appointment with the surgeon at the Halamshire tomorrow so will let you know how I shape up